Guide to Zero Proof Drinks

We’ve all walked quickly past the non-alcoholic drinks at the liquor store, but most of us don’t buy them.  Most have been non-alcoholic beer versions of light, tasteless, carb filled piss.  Being more into craft beers and spirits it’s hard to imagine another option than good old alcohol filled drinks…but times are changing.

A new trend has emerged in the nonalcoholic drink World and it goes by the name Zero Proof.

Smart and creative people realized that they could make delicious beverages that truly fit into any social drinking environment.  These aren’t just juices or sparkling waters, these are true beers, spirits, and cocktails just without the buzz or hangover.  The Zero Proof movement has made non-alcoholic beverages cool and sexy.

These non-alcoholic spirit and beers are actually brewed and distilled not just flavored.

If you are asking what is the closest drink to alcohol…these products are for you.

What is Zero Proof? Does it mean no alcohol?

There are a lot of terms right now for drinks that don’t contain alcohol: mocktails, non-alcoholic, spirit-free, alcohol-free, 0% ABV, just to name a few.  Zero Proof is one of the newer terms and is aimed at being a more premium level term.

Zero Proof drinks contain no or little alcohol content.  A majority will be absolutely non-alcoholic, while others may show trace amounts of alcohol and be clear about that on the packaging.

What is the point of zero proof alcohol?

The purpose of alcohol-free spirits (also known as “non-alcoholic” or “spirit-free”) is to provide an alternative to traditional spirits. They’re sometimes made in the same ways as alcoholic spirits but using different processes to remove the alcohol.

Alcohol-free spirits are a great alcohol alternative because they are low in fat and carbs. They also contain no artificial flavours. Their ingredients include seeds, berries and spices. Non-alcoholic spirits contain no added sugars but do contain natural flavors.

Alcohol free drinks are perfect for those who are staying sober for any reason or even for those who might be using cannabis and don’t need the extra buzz from an alcoholic drink. If you are looking for cannabis, make sure to check out our partner site Save On Cannabis for all your coupon needs.

Also, having nonalcoholic drinks in the house that are premium quality are great for any of your friends who are pregnant and still want to be part of the party.

Is there a non-alcoholic whiskey?

Yes! There are options of Zero Proof whiskey and all other spirits.  Whether looking for a non-alcoholic gin or vodka you can find that now in the non-alcoholic beverage market. There is even non-alcoholic wine.

What are the benefits of reducing your alcohol intake?

For most of us, the main reason we want to stop or minimize drinking is to improve both our physical and mental health Not only is cutting back on alcohol proven to improve sleep, boost energy levels, and minimize beer belly, but it also helps mitigate against your risk of liver and heart disease long term.

If our website is Save On ALCOHOL, why do you offer non-alcoholic coupons?

While we are focused on discounts for alcohol related products, we see that Zero Proof beverages are integral to this market.  We understand the value of the drinks for people who drink alcohol as well, since sometimes we want to be at the party but don’t want to or can’t have the buzz or hangover. 

Another option for regular alcohol drinkers is to start having non-alcoholic beverages once they are as buzzed as they want to be, allowing them to keep drinking but not get too drunk. 

As consumers who buy alcohol you also may have friends who cannot drink alcohol but want to be a good host and offer great options.  We see a time when people will have just as many high quality non-alcoholic drink choices at parties as they have alcoholic options. 

Some Processes and Definitions in Non-Alcoholic Spirits

As you research various Zero Proof drinks you will see some terms you may recognize and others you won’t many crossover to traditional alcohol making, but just in case here is a breakdown of what you will likely see in product descriptions.

When making drinks without alcohol, there are many different processes used.

Fermentation – When yeast converts sugar into carbon dioxide and alcohol, fermentation occurs.

Distillation – the act of collecting a liquid or distilled substance through evaporation and subsequent condensation.

Steam Distillation – the process of passing steam through ingredients to make them release their essential oils.

Infusion – immersing flavour elements such as herbs, fruits, and spices in a liquid and letting them sit for a while.

Maceration – like infusion but the various botanicals break down first to create a larger area for optimal infusion.

Com­pounding – a cost-efficient way of making spirits that involves adding botanicals to a neutral spirit.

Ethanol – another word for the alcohol produced by fermentation.

Botanicals – which include berries, citrus fruits, herbs, and spices – are used to make alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.

Finish – the final impression of a spirit after you’ve swallowed it.

ABV – this stands for alcohol by volume and refers to how much alcohol is actually in your drink.

What are some Zero Proof brands?

Here at Save On Alcohol we are always adding new non-alcoholic drinks coupons and brands to the site, but below we will post a few that are ones many talk about at the time of this posting.  To stay up to date on all the Zero Proof brands check out our category page of coupons here.

  • SEEDLIP – The original in non-alcoholic spirits. Often mixed into drinks that resemble G&T’s. Seedlip offers three flavors of their distilled non-alcoholic spirits. They’re made from natural botanical distillates & extracts. Their goal is to make you feel refreshed and unique.
  • SpiritlessWell known for their award winning Spiritless Kentucky 74 Bourbon with a smooth finish, underpinned by familiar notes of caramel, vanilla, and oak a zero proof bourbon you have to try. Also new to the brand is a non-alcoholic Tequila, keep an eye on their non-alcoholic spirits we’re sure there will be even more debuting worth a taste.
  • TÖST Beverages – TÖST Sparkles are alcohol-free sparklers that you can enjoy at parties.
  • Athletic Brewing Company – Athletic Brewing Co. is an alcoholic beverage company that produces low alcohol beers. Their mainstays include a hazy IPAs and stouts. They also brew limited edition cans. This is a nonalcoholic beverage that actually tastes like beer.
  • Ritual Zero Proof – A cocktail made out of alcohol without any calories or negative side effects.  Not meant to be an exact replica of alcohol, this drink is intended as an alternative to gin or whiskey. The brand offers vibrant flavors to build drinks using.
  • Better Rhodes – Marketplace filled with all the best non-alcoholic drinks, huge selection of premium beverages.
  • PROTEAU – Proteau’s zero-proof drinks are made from natural ingredients, so they’re just as nuanced as regular-proof aperitives. Rivington Spritz is light, tart and bubbly with hibiscus, strawberry and citrus notes. Ludlow Red is tarty and tea-like with blackberry, licorice and fruit notes. The brand recommends serving these drinks chilled as-is, or you can add some ice cubes. Proteau’s zero proof drinks are made from natural materials, so fans will love how delicate and balanced they taste.
  • Nano Bar – A one-stop shop for all non-alcoholic zero proof brands, find all your favorites and discover new delicious beverages.
  • Grüvi – Delicious crafted beers, wines and more that don’t force you to give up health for a tasty drink worthy for sipping at a party.

Where do I order zero proof drinks?

At your local restaurant, you may start seeing some of these new non-alcoholic options alongside the top shelf liquors but also you can get them online and shipped to your home.  Our site offers coupons for many of the top brands and marketplaces.  We will continue to add non-alcoholic spirits, wines, and beers to our site and if you come across any discounts for brands we don’t have please add them to the directory. View all the zero proof non-alcoholic drink coupons here.

In Conclusion

Zero proof drinks are becoming increasingly popular due to the fact that people want to have fun while drinking but still not wanting to consume alcohol. These drinks offer the same premium level drinking experience as alcohol but without getting drunk.  Non-alcoholic cocktails can be used alongside a night of drinking or as their own experience for yourself or your friends.  Ready your fridge to be a perfect host by offering both premium alcohol and alcohol-free options for your guests.

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