How to Order Alcohol Delivery

How would you like to get alcohol delivered straight to your door? Nowadays, there are several companies offering such services. But before you sign up, you should know what they offer and whether or not it’s worth it.  Also, check our site for coupon codes for the best alcohol delivery services online.

Alcohol delivery services are becoming increasingly popular because they save time and money. They also allow customers to enjoy their favorite beverages without having to leave home.

There are three main types of alcohol delivery services:

1) Delivery only – This service allows you to order alcohol from a store and pick it up at your doorstep, delivery can be within an hour.

2) Pickup only – This service lets you order alcohol online and then pick it up at a designated location.

3) Shipped – These services vary since can be small manufacturers shipping direct nationwide, subscription boxes, or even an immediate delivery service that doesn’t offer express to your zipcode.

So when searching out options for delivery, you will want to decide how soon you need your items.  Sometimes immediate isn’t the answer if you are looking for unique and new beverages or products to try.

Here at Save On Alcohol, if you browse our categories you will see a wide variety of services listed.  We constantly search the web for new alcohol related services beyond just alcohol delivery so click through and explore what’s available to you at the click of a button.

Just Because You Don’t Have to Drive, Be Careful

Plan your night not based on the ease of getting alcohol to your door, instead plan on being safe.  We aren’t your parents and you can do as you please, but we don’t want you getting hurt or sick.

Alcoholic beverages should be chosen carefully. You may want to drink wine with your dinner, but if you choose beer over wine, you’ll get drunk faster. Beer is also better than hard liquor because it doesn’t leave as much of a hangover.

Also on our site we even have coupons for a variety of products that can help you at least avoid the hangover, check out our hangover remedies coupons.

Non-Alcoholic Delivery Options

We’ve noticed a growing trend of zero proof premium beverages coming online. These drinks are crafted to be just as tasty as their alcoholic counterparts but without any of the alcohol. They’re perfect for when you want to enjoy a drink but your friends may not or you might want to keep drinking after you’ve had too much.  We know our team has been adding these drinks to our fridge, you may be skeptical but trust us they are worth checking out.  You likely won’t find these at the local liquor store but you will find them online.

Common Questions about Alcohol Delivery

What’s the difference between an alcohol delivery service and a booze delivery app?

Not much. An app is simply the mobile optimized version of an alcohol delivery site. Though some sites do have apps, most do not. If you want to order dinner and drinks from one of the apps, you can simply download the app from your device‘s app store, log in, and order away.

Why should I order from an alcohol specific app or service instead of a grocery app?

If you’re looking for alcohol delivery that’s just part of your regular grocery shopping routine, you might prefer to use Instacart, Door Dash, Fresh Direct, or Ubers Eats or even Amazon prime but if you’re looking for a larger variety, you’ll want an alcohol specific app.

Should I look for websites that specialize in specific types of alcohol?

If you’re really looking for the best whiskey, beer, wine, and spirits, you might have better luck on a site that specializes in that kind of alcohol. These sites are run by professionals and their inventory has better descriptions written from experience.

Are there fees associated with alcohol delivery services?

Some alcohol delivery services do indeed include a fee, but they’re often very low and are displayed at checkout when ordering. Also, if you place an order through a hand-service delivery service like Instacart or DoorDash, you should plan to tip your delivery person.

Why would I do a subscription box?

There are now alcohol subscription boxes that deliver to your door every month.  With these boxes you can usually highly personalize or let the box curators decide on your selections.  When subscribed it is a set it and forget it option for delivery to your home, ensuring you are never low on stock.  Also, when allowing a curated experience you can be pleasantly surprised to try new flavors and discover new brands.

Has Delivery Changed Since the Pandemic?

While there were many things on demand before the pandemic, now more than ever we are ordering online.  Alcohol delivery is legal in and is only gaining popularity.  

These are some of the thoughts about what will change with alcohol delivery now.

• Deliveries of alcohol have become much easier.

• You’ll be seeing delivery trucks everywhere.

• There will be many different types of alcohol delivery vehicles.

• Food and alcohol deliveries will be done via self-driving cars and robots.

In Conclusion

Getting alcohol delivery online is easy and reliable, while offering more selection than your local stores.  When planning to order your biggest decisions will be based on how fast you want it and how much selection you need.  On our site you can always browse categories to find specialized sites or general alcohol delivery services and save with promo codes.  There is no longer a need to run to the liquor store, let the liquor store come to you. So go ahead, get yourself a glass of fine wine or craft brew and relax!

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